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About Mike


In 2012, Mike co-founded the world’s first 3D printing retail and service bureau hybrid in downtown Chicago, 3DPX, which gained international notoriety for its innovative post-consumerist retail/production business model. After leaving 3DPX in 2014, Mike bootstrapped the founding of Manulith in Detroit, offering design, prototyping, and production services for products in the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and startup industries of the Great Lakes Region.


Two years later, in 2016, while still running Manulith, Mike founded MakerOS, with offices in Detroit and New York City. MakerOS is a software-as-a-service for small and mid-sized design, engineering, and manufacturing firms that digitizes their entire workflow from an initial client's request to project management, production, payments, and more. With a market size of 180,000 target businesses in the U.S. with under 20 employees, MakerOS, as of 2022, provides the platform to over 10,000 individual users ranging from 3D printing prototyping services, product design firms, large publicly traded home products companies, universities, R&D labs, startups, artists, and more. 


After MakerOS was acquired by Shapeways (April 2022 | NYSE: SHPW), Mike now leads their software product strategy as the Director of Product.

Mike currently lives in New York City with professional, family, and friend networks in the regions of Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Telluride, and Sicily; and with organizations within sectors in industries of Manufacturing, Engineering, Fine Arts, Military, Government, Construction, Automotive, Aerospace/Space, Non-profit, Education, and Startup.

Areas of Interest:

Energy, manufacturing, automation, product design, AI, storage/data processing related blockchains, geo-pol, and lots (like a lot) of other stuff. 


Companies & Brands


Director of Product, Software (2022 - Present)

Shapeways is a leader in the large and fast-growing digital manufacturing industry combining high quality, flexible on-demand manufacturing powered by purpose-built proprietary software which enables customers to rapidly transform digital designs into physical products, globally. Shapeways makes industrial-grade additive manufacturing accessible by fully digitizing the end-to-end manufacturing process, and by providing a broad range of solutions utilizing 11 additive manufacturing technologies and approximately 100 materials and finishes, with the ability to easily scale new innovation. To date, Shapeways has delivered over 23 million parts to 1 million customers in over 180 countries.

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Acquired by Shapeways (NYSE:SHPW)

Founder & CEO (2016 - 2022)

MakerOS is a software as a service business management tool for sales automation, project management, payment processing, and automatic quoting for 3D printing factories, advanced manufacturers, and other service based businesses.



Founder & CEO (2014 - Present)

We provide 3D Printing and Design Services built for small and medium sized businesses. Utilizing our cloud-based platform, MakerOS. Manulith is your custom fit solution for design, prototyping, and batch production via additive manufacturing.


Co-Founder (2013-2014)

The 3D Printer Experience is the world's first retail 3D Printing and product design service bureau, located in Downtown Chicago.



Mentor (2018-Present)

The Stanley+Techstars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator focuses on additive manufacturing. We are looking for companies with innovations in software, material or hardware solutions.


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